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Combat Your 'Computer Brain Syndrome' 

Take these three simple steps to restore your brain after too much computer time...     

The Nourishing Company

The Nourishing Company

Volume VII # 124     Copyright 2017     All Rights Reserved

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Have trouble thinking after you've been on your computer for a while?  You're not alone.  For one thing, computers emit a strange kind of light that negatively affects your pineal gland. That's the part of your brain that's in charge of your diurnal cycle, making you able to sleep at night and become activated during the day.

Then there's the likely exposure to EMF's - electromagnetic frequencies, which vibrate at a different rate than the ones your body cells use to communicate.  This essentially disrupts the ability of your cells to communicate with each other.  If you've been using your cell phone also, you've gotten double exposure.

Plus there's the high demand placed on your brain to function at top speed so you can process, assimilate and output information.

Little wonder you feel like your brain is completely fried after a computer time session!

Here are three things you can do to combat this and get yourself back to a usable brain:

1. Get outside! The first reason to do so is that you need to expose the retina of your eyes to daylight, which is the light spectrum your pineal gland needs to set itself properly.  Also getting outside exposes you to the vibratory frequency of nature, which is also the vibratory frequency your cells use to communicate.  The suggestion to 'go hug a tree' may sound far fetched, but it's really good advice. That's because doing so puts your body in direct physical contact so it can tune with a very large living natural body that uses the same natural oscillating frequency your cells need.

2. When your feel like you're in acute 'brain drain' , take some RNA.  It's a supplement made of the particular amino acids your body uses to make RNA. You might think of RNA as the amino acid sequence your brain uses to store memory - in other words, the memory chip.  Prolonged or intensive computer time uses up the brain's RNA stores, and replacing them with a supplement can restore those levels in about 20 minutes.  The only caution is NOT to take it if you have or suspect you have a virus.  That's because viruses LOVE RNA and use it to replicate.

3. Get up and move around.  Get your circulation going and take a bunch of deep breaths.  When you’ve been sitting at the computer, your circulation gets sluggish and your cells’ exposure to oxygen goes way down.  Movement and deep breaths are a way to restore these cellular oxygen levels.


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Tags: computer brain computer brain interface mind machine interface brain functions brain drain explain brain drain consequences of brain drain effect of computer on brain


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