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 “If you want to know what’s going on with a patient, ask a nurse.”
Eric Berne, M.D., Founder of Transactional Analysis

 A note to you
          from the desk of Pamela Levin, RN, Editor

BetterHealthBytes   is a bi-weekly newsletter that delivers free, practical and empowering health tips to you from truly integrative and independent sources in a convenient way - directly to your inbox. You will receive effective health improvement information  you can use to bolster your personal health.

My motivation stems from knowing how much I had to struggle and search to find solutions to my own health problems – despite the fact that, as a licensed health professional since 1964 – I had lots of contacts within the profession and could ask plenty of questions from lots of reputable sources. 

Then too, I have heard so many stories from clients who have been ‘through the wringer’ so to speak, - searching, getting the wrong advice, being misguided, unaware of possibilities – when a little knowledge could have prevented so much of their suffering. 

That’s why, as founder and editor of BetterHealthBytes, I take it as my mission to provide you with leading edge facts, truths, principles and ideas that are both practical and that empower you to create a healthier life. 

I know you truly can achieve greater wellbeing in every way, both because I’ve done it myself, and because I’ve assisted my clients to do it too. 

To assess each item before including it, I draw from my own knowledge base as well as that of my team of trusted health consultants from a variety of disciplines.  That allows me to deliver insider information designed to guide you in each aspect of your optimal wellness journey, that includes all aspects of better health -  physical,  emotional, mental,  spiritual,    even social well-being (so you can enjoy healthier relationships too.)    

This is within your power to achieve—if you have the right information to act on. 


BetterHealthBytes   begins its life in my 40th year in private practice providing health improvement services that are safe, empowering and effective, and that actually improve health and wellbeing. In editing this newsletter, I draw from the best information I know. From my own background, this includes:

·      direct, hands-on hospital and clinic experience in newborn nursery, medical and surgical and psychiatric wards, intensive care and substance abuse rehab;  

·      40 years in my private health counseling practice;

·      training and experience as a Teaching and Supervising Transactional Analyst, starting in 1966;

·      43 years as a mother, then grandmother;

·       500+ hours of post-graduate education in clinical nutrition, herbology and applied kinesiology. 

And since no one person can possibly know everything, and since optimal wellness means addressing all parts of your health – body, mind, emotions, relationships and spirit,  BetterHealthBytes also draws from: 

*a wide variety of international experts in emotional health;

*consultants from standard
 Western medicine,
traditional healing, herbs, homeopathy, clinical nutrition, mental health, relationship experts and spiritual traditions, many of whom are major developers of health
improvement methods and protocols; and

*  practitioners carrying out cutting edge work not yet widely available to the public.  

And, to guide us in addressing topics related to a particular health issues you face,  we not only invite, but encourage our subscribers to request that we cover particular health topics. (To make a request, use the form to the right    ).   

Health is your greatest asset: it underscores everything in your life. Without it you have nothing—your skills and abilities, your talents and desires, all your worldly wealth - become worthless. 

If you haven’t already subscribed, and if you’d like to receive each issue yourself so you have this support in your quest for the optimum wellness you've always dreamed of, and to make your own request, you can   sign up on the right.

You'll receive your first issue right away, plus each one that follows it, and all the special reports as they become available. 

I welcome you - to a healthier life for your body, your mind, your relationships, your spirit.   

                                                                           To Your Health, 

                                                         Pamela Levin

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