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 from The Nourishing Company                                              Edited by Pamela Levin, RN,TSTA

  Vol I, # 1
Health News : Real Health Care Reform
Much is in the news about health care reform, and there are a lot of feelings going around about it. Health care consumers are mad at the insurance companies; insurance companies are unhappy with doctors; drug companies are scared of generic knockoffs and everybody's getting fed up. Will real health care reform ever happen? 
Here's an answer you don't often hear in the media, but it's one that more and more people are accepting: Real health care reform doesn't depend on government programs or the latest pharmaceutical product or a new insurance legislation reform. 
No. Real, genuine health care reform is a do-it-yourself project. No government agency, insurance company or designer pharmaceutical product will ever make up for each individual taking charge of their own health. 
Bottom line: We are all unique individuals with a unique history and our own life challenges and supports. So we need to take charge of our own health care. We are our own best experts when it comes to what we need to do to feel better. 
What do we each need to reform and how can we make those reforms happen? 
That's the purpose of this newsletter. We will send you pointers and tips we think will serve that purpose for you. AND you can also shape the content we offer. 
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To your Health!

Health Tip

* Did you know that many many people—the large majority—have a systemic yeast infection and don't even know it? And that many health professionals consider systemic yeast (Candida) to be a precursor to the immune breakdown that results in cancer? That means that a significant cancer-prevention strategy is in your hands: you can do a short, simple, self test for Candida, and if it's positive, you deal with it effectively.

To find out how, go here:


About Your Emotional Health

It's a simple act, and it's actually the FIRST thing we need to do to keep ourselves emotionally healthy.  Unfortunately, it's one we all too often forget to do. 
Here it is:  when we have a feeling, whether we're mad, sad, scared or glad, we forget to feel it! 
Yes, simply feeling what we're feeling is the first step to improving, keeping and maintaining our emotional health. 
Lots of times people refuse to feel what they're feeling because they think that if they feel it, they'll have to act on it. 
Nothing could be farther from the truth. 
Feelings are separate  from actions. 
So, for your emotional health, practice just checking in with yourself to let you know WHAT you're feeling.   "Hmm, I'm a little irritated right now."  Or "I'm feeling threatened, what's that about?"  Or "I'm content for the moment."
Remember, you don't have to DO  anything about it just because you let yourself feel it. Deciding what to do about it—if anything— comes later. 
To learn all about your emotional life and how to create the emotional life you desire, click here

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