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For You or the Women In Your Life: 
Women's hormones are incredibly powerful. They can drop a woman's mood, fuel her motivation, dry up her bones or her sex life. They can even unbalance a corporation. No, I'm not referring to that old way of oppressing women using hormones as an excuse. I'm referring to the fact that when women decided to do something different about their hormone balance, Wyeth Australia's sales plummeted  a whopping 30%   in one day!

So, what do women need to be doing about our hormones? In short, we need to participate in creating our own true and truly safe hormone balance. This is so crucial because real hormone balance and real health go hand in glove.  
But how can we take charge of our own glandular, biochemical and environmental uniqueness if we don't know what's going on? To take control of our own bodies, we need to be able to assess them, so we can find out whether any various symptoms we might have are indicating that our hormonal systems are out of balance and might need some help. 
In researching what symptoms might have their roots in female hormones, I came up with a whopping two hundred and nine! Why is this number so huge? Because female hormones are at the very core of how everything - our bodies, minds, spirits, emotions - work and integrate together. So if they don't work, other systems don't either.


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    "A healthy attitude is contagious but don't wait to catch it from others. Be a carrier."

Tom Stoppard 

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How You Think About Yourself and Others Has Everything To Do With How You Get Along 

Because each of us is unique, each of us is different, and that can be a source of tension and conflict between people in any kind of relationship - intimate, work, ethnic, national.

If you want to minimize fighting, relationship ruptures, tension and trauma in your relationships and get along with others, checking out your mental attitude is a great place to start. That's because it can make a major difference in reducing, even eliminating painful disputes and disruptions.

So, before you start to develop a problem in a relationship, check to see what fundamental attitude you hold about your own humanity and that of others.
Feel free to forward this to others so they can have greater health and wellbeing too! 

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As a woman, your hormones affect you throughout your life in dramatic ways. 
Whatever your life stage, The Female Hormone Journey is designed to help you sort through all the conflicting advice, various medical information and your own symptoms. 
You'll arrive at an understanding of what your unique body is saying. 
And then you'll learn how to translate your bodily symptoms into the effective steps your body is telling you it needs. 
"I have had immense success with this book.  
I cannot seem to keep them in stock.  
It is always one of my fastest sellers at seminars." 
Jane McNeil, Sponsor of Educational Seminars for Health Professionals 

Everybody knows it's normal for women to develop breasts, but increasingly men and even boys are developing breasts. This condition, called "gynecomastia", or enlargement of the male breast, occurs in about half the male population of North America at some stage of their lives, giving rise to a variety of questions:

1. "Is this normal?"  
The short answer is, no, not for men. Rather, it is the outcome of imbalances or toxicity.

2.  "What's going on?"   Breast growth (different from merely fatty breasts) in both men, and women is mediated by estrogen. Men grow breasts when estrogen levels get too high in relation to androgens (male sex hormones) "feminization" occurs.

The normal, balanced ratio of testosterone to estradiol (the form of estrogen that's active in this situation) is approximately 100 units of testosterone to only 1 of estradiol. In the blood plasma, the normal ratio is around 300 units of testosterone to 1 of estradiol.
Breast development in men is an the end result of an imbalance between these two hormones: too much estrogen and too little testosterone, a condition the late John Lee, M.D., labeled estrogen dominance, and which some medical literature refers to as" hyperestrinism" (meaning too much estrogen).

3. "Is it dangerous?"
 This is a benign rather than malignant breast condition. It's not dangerous in itself, but it is a precondition: an early warning sign that there's trouble ahead.

One of the trouble is because the estrogen creates a rich growing environment for bugs - viruses, yeasts, bacteria, parasites, fungi, etc.
Another is that an estrogen-rich environment increases blood clotting which can lead to heart attacks, pulmonary emboli and strokes.  

4. "Is it reversible?" Yes. Breast changes will gradually resolve, provided they're are not too far advanced. So the time to act is now.
5. What to do? 
In short, reduce estrogen levels and raise normal androgen (male sex hormone or testosterone) levels. To do that, start with cleaning your liver and eliminating things that create liver toxicity.