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Vol. I, # 5

Did you know that a primary cause of feeling not OK about yourself is failing to recognize and accept the natural, underlying pattern that regulates how your adult life unfolds?
Indeed, one of the biggest sources of feeling not OK about yourself is based not on true inadequacy, but rather on a belief.  Not only is this belief false, it's one that's shared by a great majority of adults.  It's about how people are supposed to be, particularly when they reach adulthood.
Did you ever hear that idea that once you're an adult,  you're supposed to put away the things of childhood?  If you buy in to that mistaken idea, you'll keep trying to make yourself into something you are not,  and that will become a major cause of suffering throughout your adult life.  
This is especially true when you enter into relationships, and more especially, when you become a parent.
The simple truth is that you are not designed to outgrow the stages of your childhood.  Not you, not anybody.  In fact you are designed to continue repeating the stages of childhood that you grew through before all throughout adulthood.
Therefore, altering the mistaken belief that you were 'supposed to put away these things of childhood' is the key to ending this major source of suffering, arriving at a place of peace within yourself and letting yourself be the way you are truly designed.

It also means freeing yourself to repeat the same tasks you carried out in childhood, although in more sophisticated form.  When you carry out these tasks in adulthood, you  provide yourself with the emotional sustenance you need as an adult.  Plus, carrying out these same tasks is what will keep you growing in healthy ways throughout your life.
To support you in learning what these tasks are and how to carry them out in healthy ways, raising your own emotional intelligence and living a fuller life in the process, I teach a ten-hour, online course called the Emotional Development101 that will begin Sept. 12, 2011. For more information and to sign up, go to

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"There is no evidence whatsoever that seasonal influenza vaccines have any effect, especially in the elderly and young children.  No evidence of reduced [number of] cases, deaths, complications."
Dr. Thomas Jefferson

Do you know how to:

    * Take care of your emotional health and live an emotionally healthy life?  

    * Raise your own EQ (Emotional Intelligence)?

    * Decide what emotional tasks to carry out to address    physical symptoms when you experience them?

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"The conscious mind is like a manual control, while the unconscious or hidden mind, which is much more powerful, is the autopilot"                    Bruce Lipton, Ph.D

There are three primary reasons people can opt out of vaccinations.  They are:
1. Beliefs.
2.  Contraindications due to medical reasons (this usually requires paperwork from a medical professional.)
3. Religious reasons.
Not all of these reasons apply in every state.  So, to exercise your vaccination choices, find out your rights under the law in your state.  To do so 

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Becoming truly informed  is key to protecting yourself, not just from the infections vaccines are supposed to prevent, but also from the vaccines themselves.

This may sound like an outlandish statement - after all, vaccines protect us from getting infections that can make us really sick, right?  Or is it?

The trouble is, more and more people are reporting health problems- many of them very serious - that they say they or their family member did not have before receiving a vaccination.

Problems like a normal child who suddenly becomes autistic. Or a person who develops a serious autoimmune disease after a shot. Or starts having seizures. Or sudden infant death following vaccination.
Scientific studies of these phenomena take a look at a broad range of the population, analyze the statistics and draw conclusions based on those numbers.
This is a process that is unlikely to answer whether one particular person developed an illness due to a vaccine or not.  And it is cold comfort to a parents whose child died following vaccination.

While this newsletter space cannot possibly accommodate all the pros and cons of this issue, what we can do is provide a space for information that's less well known and harder to find, the better for you to inform your decisions.
And you will need to make these decisions more and more often, because there currently are well over 250 vaccines in the pipeline that are being developed. And, no, that's not a typo - two hundred and fifty!
Can you imagine receiving 250 + vaccinations?  The point being, you will need to be well informed so you  are ready when these vaccines become available.
So stay tuned in future issues as we share more information designed to support your truly informed choices.
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Currently in the United States, federal law does not govern vaccine choices.  Instead that right belongs to each state, and each state makes its own legal policies, for example, about whether or not a child will be admitted to school without certain vaccinations.
In California, 'public service announcements' have begun with the advent of the school year telling parents their child must receive certain immunizations to be admitted to school. Even the California Department of Public Health website makes this statement. Yet that is not the complete truth because it fails to include the fact that there are legal reasons for exemptions that parents can exercise.