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Can Porous Bones Be Caused by Politics?
Here's What You Need to Know
Many thanks to the late John Lee, M.D., for his research on many of the points communicated here. 
 A fundamental truth about the state of modern people's bone health was clearly revealed as early as 1850. That's when Chief Seattle pointed out that, 
  "Whatever we do to the web of life,
  we do to ourselves."
We can see the truth of that statement in the number of us who now are at risk for or already have osteoporosis, which is approaching 45 million (80% are women, 20 % men). In 60 years that number is expected to reach 145 million. At the current rate, that means that one of every 2 people will be osteoporotic in 60 years. 
If that weren't bad enough news, public health experts are currently lobbying the World Health Organization to have osteoporosis declared a pediatric onset disease! 

To think there might be a link between our porous bones and politics could at first glance seem farfetched. But governmental policies do indeed impact the web of life and therefore our bone health. 

Here's how politics - expressed through governmental policies - directly links to porous bones. 

In 1912, the Pure Food and Drug Administration was formed in the United States (it later became the F.D.A., or Food and Drug Administration. 

Its first chief, Dr. Harvey Wiley proclaimed that he would see to it that America had: 

  • clean drinking water, 
  • clean air, 
  • rich, fertile soils and 
  • healthy fruits and vegetables for all. 

  He filed suits against companies to keep artificial products
  off the market.

  He also fought adulteration and misbranding. 
  He was summarily forced from office. 

Since then, soil quality, water quality and air quality, the three primary ingredients in our web of life, have declined at an alarming rate, such that even wholesome foods can no longer sustain us. For example, one cup of spinach in 1930 would provide over 90 grams of iron; today that same cup contains 4 grams! 

Contained in our soil, water and air, and therefore our food, are the products of chemical companies that rob, embezzle and leach the mineral treasure from our very bones. The net effect is that our bones are in big trouble, and the companies that manufacture the chemicals dumped into the web of life see to it that governmental policies allow them to thrive. 

To deal with this situation, we are told that we need more chemicals - in the form of prescription drugs - made by a different arm of the same conglomerate chemical companies. 

The current medical approach for bones is a good example of how these separate corporate arms of the same chemical conglomerates share their productions back and forth between their industrial chemical and pharmaceutical subdivisions: We are told that our bones require bisphosphonate drugs such as Fosamex and Alendronate. 


This class of chemicals - bisphosphonates - is used in scouring powder because they dissolve skin cells. That's why they're so effective in dispelling the ring of skin cells around the bath tub. 


In the human body, they are both toxic and difficult to eliminate (they have a half-life of 15 years, meaning it takes 15 years for the body to eliminate half of them.) 


Because the body can't eliminate them, yet they are so toxic, the body puts them in deep storage where they can't harm the organs that keep us alive. Where is that deep storage? You got it - bones! 


When they get to bones, they kill of the cells that repair sick or weak bone (the osteoclasts). This results in an appearance of greater bone density on bone scans. But since the bones can't repair themselves, their overall health and strength declines. After about five years, bones that store bisphosphones crumble and die. 

But our bones were never thinning due to a Fosamex deficiency! 

A second line of 'treatment' for bones is hormone replacement therapy, or HRT, most commonly estrogen. What is estrogen's role in bone health? Estrogen signals the bone remodelling cells to do their job and repair bones. 


By now you may be saying, wait a minute, didn't they just kill those bone repair cells with Fosamax,? If the bone repair cells are dead - killed off by Fosamax - then how can they be signaled by estrogen replacement to repair bones? Isn't that like beating a dead horse? Yup. 


And why do our hormones need replacing anyway? 

Apparently one reason is that when our generation was in utero, our mothers consumed food contaminated with the chemical DDT. 

Our mothers showed no discernible symptoms, but our forming fetal gonadal cells were injured such that they do not manufacture sufficient sex hormones in adulthood. One manifestation of these low sex hormone levels is an epidemic of depression, 


Another indicator is low sperm counts, which are only 50% of what they were a generation ago, and will reduce by 50% again in the next generation. 


The solutions for these problems, proclaimed in glossy, enticing ads, are supposedly more chemicals; Prozac, Effexor, etc. for depression, Viagra for male potency and various other drugs for ovulation and conception. But our bones continue to crumble. 

Since healthy bones are made not from chemicals (nor from synthetic vitamin imitations), but from live, whole foods, it makes perfect sense that the solution to this epidemic lies not in more chemicals, but in nourishing our bodies with what they need for optimum health - in short, the list Dr. Wiley identified in 1912, which includes whole foods and whole, organic herbs. 

Unfortunately, our environment and our bodies are so deficient now that simply consuming a diet of healthy organic foods is no longer enough to bring us back from the brink of porous bones. In my own case, my bone health was so deteriorated that at one point it took me 45 minutes to crawl 12 feet. And what brought me back to a vital, strong-boned life centered around whole foods and whole, organic herbs. This gave my body the building blocks it needed to repair and strengthen. 

Happily, a number of health practitioners are now trained in using this approach. They are helping people reverse not only degenerative bone processes, but a variety of other degenerative problems as well.

Are they treated as the heroes they are? Consider what happened to Dr. Wiley. The practitioners and the companies who make whole food concentrates have to operate under restrictive and sometimes persecutorial governmental policies designed to bring the entire industry to its knees. One such company, for example, operates under a State Supreme Court gag order thatthey may not, under any circumstances provide any educational materials about their products!

And any physicians who would like to include a concentrated nutritional approach are kept in line by Standard of Practice laws, meaning they are subject to lawsuits and having their licenses removed if they deviate from the standard approaches used by other doctors in their area.

The solution to this is, of course, an informed and empowered citizenry. We need to fill in the holes in the osteoporotic mindset presented by commercial chemical interests with the truth. As we arm ourselves with the truth, we are empowered to take charge of our own bone health. Strong boned, we are positioned to work on healing the crumbling bones of laws and governmental policies that deossify our web of life.

(Note: You can get a free self-assessment questionnaire to evaluate your own bone health status,, "84 Warning Signs". Go to

Pamela Levin is an R.N. with 500+ post-graduate hours' education in clinical nutrition, herbology and applied kinesiology. She has been in private practice 42 years offering physical and emotional health improvement services.

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Tags: osteoporosis bone health healthy bones bone nutrition natural bone health osteopenia bone mineral density Fosamax Alendronate bone pain bone assessment


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