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To Detoxify Your Body Easily, 
This Works Like Crazy

To Detoxify Your Body With Maximum Effect and Minimum Effort, Do This One Thing...

Living in a toxic body is horrible.  You can feel listless, lethargic, cloudy headed, foggy brained, irritable, short-tempered, achey.  Your skin can break out, you can develop a cough, or a problem with gas after eating.  Male or female, your hormones can go out of whack. You can gain weight, develop bags under your eyes.  And that's just the start of it!

If you were a rich person or a famous person, you could book a few weeks at a posh spa and go through their program, complete with regular massages, meals prepared for you, an exercise coach, a sauna and more.

But most of us are not in that position.  We have jobs, kids, grandkids, aging parents, mortgages, car payments etc.  What to do?
The easiest and most effective thing you can do to detoxify your body under those circumstances - and with maximum effect and minimum effort is this:

 eliminate your food intolerances.

Yes indeed. In my experience, food intolerances are the single biggest contributor to toxic buildup in the body.  Eating the wrong foods  - for you - for your particular body - means your body can't digest them, and when it can't digest something, that something is incompletely digested, therefore incompletely eliminated.  

Picture that lovely ripe banana all ready to eat.  Now picture that banana three weeks later, after sitting out in a warm room.  That's what happens to any food you can't completely digest - in other words, you can't tolerate it.  Basically, to be blunt, it builds up in your system, turning to rotting garbage.  Yuk!

So, here's how to proceed.  First of all, attitude.  There's nothing WRONG with your body.  You are not inadequate or built wrong.  You are simply a person with a given genetic makeup that predisposes your body to like/ accept/ thrive on certain foods and dislike/attempt to reject/ deteriorate when consuming others.

Second, learn the difference between food intolerances and food allergies: they are DIFFERENT

 You may be intolerant to a food, for example, but not allergic to it, or allergic to it but not intolerant. Or you might be both allergic to it and intolerant of it.  Food intolerances are about  the inability to digest a food (perhaps because your body doesn't make the necessary enzymes), where allergies involve your immune system creating an antibody response to that food. Therefore the typical scratch tests used for allergy testing (in which the questionable substances are placed into scratches on your skin to see if red marks appear) may or may not reveal intolerances.

So, here are three ways to find out what your food intolerances are:

The easiest way is to follow the recommendations for your blood type.  These are available in Peter D'Adamo's book Eat Right for Your Type.  For example, the biggest food intolerances if you are an:           

            O blood type, the big avoids for you are wheat and corn

            A blood type, the big avoids are red meat, wheat, and nightshades such as eggplant, tomatoes, potatoes, peppers and tobacco.

            B, your main avoids are chicken, corn, and lentils.

            AB, yours are wheat and corn.

 A second way , described in my book, The Female Hormone Journey is  to eliminate that food for a month and then return it to your diet, paying attention to what reactions your body has when you do.

A third  way is to do a pulse test.  Start by taking your resting pulse for one minute, when you're calm, say in early morning before any coffee or tea.  Each time you eat or drink, take your resting pulse again for one minute.  If it varies by more than ten points up or down, what you ate or drank may be the culprit.  Try removing that food from your diet for at least 2 weeks.  If you notice a marked change in your symptoms, you can take it as confirmation that you have intolerance to that particular food.

Eliminate those offending foods and over the long haul, your body will clean itself up like you wouldn't believe.  I could feel the cleansing process for over a year when I did this, and I've had 3 men clients who dropped 40-50 pounds just by eliminating wheat!

And once your body cleans out and then you were to ingest a bit of that food again, you will get a VERY CLEAR SIGNAL that it was the wrong move.  It's not that you've become more sensitive to the food, it's that your body is healthy enough to give you a very strong reaction.

Pamela Levin is an R.N. and a Teaching and Supervising Transactional Analyst in private practice 42 years. She has taught and trained professional and lay audiences internationally on creating better health and greater well-being of body, mind, spirit, emotions and relationships.

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Tags: toxins in the body body toxins what are toxins in the body body toxin detoxify your body how to detoxify your body


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