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New Year Resolutions Only Go So Far- 
To Create a Truly Successful New Year,
Add This Essential Ingredient

Volume III # 41        Copyright 2012        All Rights Reserved

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Creating Your Best Possible New Year

After You Make Those Resolutions, Then What?

N ew Year resolutions are all well and good, and no doubt you'll receive lots of good wishes for bringing your New Years resolutions into being. But resolutions and wishes can only go so far; they're just not not enough to make it all happen. Having your best New Year means engaging in an on-going process in which you create success.

But how do you go about it? In short, creating the success you crave is about engaging in the right activities to bring it about.

" Well," you might say, "I've already got a full plate; I don't need anything more on my to-do list.  In fact, I'm trying to simplify my life, not complicate it with one more thing to do!"

Well, yes, and that's the good news.  Because paying attention to this one thing will help you do just that - simplify your life, reduce your stress and support you in keeping your New Year's resolutions.

So start your successful New Year by paying attention to your inner life first, before you do one thing about anything in your outer life. In other words, attend to your inner self - your subjective, emotional life, because that is the biggest future success factor .

You've no doubt heard that and read it time and again.  It's a simple truth that the latest scientific research has proven again and again.

So, to restate: proceeding from resolutions you've identified to the results you want means successfully managing your inner life process.  Why? Because it's there you'll discover and address the road blocks, stumbling blocks, rip tides, back eddies and black holes that otherwise might blindside you despite even the firmest resolve.

To emphasize the point: to triumph in your outer life - to achieve victory, become aware of what your inner emotional needs and issues are.  That way, you'll meet them head on and take care of them before they have a chance to manifest in your outer world.

"Well," you might say, "I haven't the foggiest notion for how to start."  If this is true for you, I suggest you get your own copy of the free eBook, Your Emotional Self: Five Secrets for a Successful Emotional Life.

It's a quick read that will escort you through the short steps that get you started on the right path. It will also provide you with a road map to guide you through your inner terrain and includes various other resources you might find helpful.

Then, whether future trials involve a relationship gone dead, a knotty work problem, trouble with a teenager, a creative project stalled out, a health crisis, or grievous loss, you'll be prepared with a map of the terrain  you can use  to not only progress but triumph!

It's material that's been proven time and again. For example, the Program Coordinator for Salvation Army Family Services, Ontario, Canada applied it in their Parent-Child Resource Centre, which offers women a community of support and includes workshops on parenting and topics of interest to women.

It's also used by drug abuse counselors. One in New York said it was invaluable in his work.  A man in Illinois, USA said it provided him with the perfect healing tool following his divorce.  He added that he only wished he'd known before.

And a classical musician used it to teach music to children who hadn't even started school yet. She made the music-learning process harmonious with the children's emotional development process.

You can see that the information applies to  a wide variety of life circumstances and challenges.  That's because it 's fundamental to every human condition from gestation through our last breath!  So of course you can apply it to support you in creating success in your New Year.


   Pamela Levin is an R.N. and a Teaching & Supervising Transactional Analyst in private practice 42 years. She has 500+ post-graduate hours in clinical nutrition, herbology and applied kinesiology. She is the mother of two and grandmother of two.  

Pamela Levin, R.N., T.S.T.A.  




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Note: We do not make recommendations based on any individual's specific health situation.We offer general information beneficial to anyone with health concenrs. We do not guarantee an answer to every question or request.

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