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Hidden Causes of Hormone Problems

This is a major reason hormone problems - in womenand  men  - don't get resolved...

Volume III # 50    Copyright 2013        All Rights Reserved

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 Hot flashes, weight gain, blood sugar problems, low thyroid, estrogen dominance and on and on... all from one solvable source
Hormone balance  is fundamental not only to your health, but to your quality of life.  And, truth be told, if you have hormone imbalances, the quality of the life of those around you is negatively affected as well! (Can you spell 'irritable'? 'Crabby'?  'Negative'? 'Depressed'?)

Further, few things can be more frustrating than trying to get them rebalanced or managed.  All those trips to the doctor, all those lab tests, the expense, all those fluctuating levels.  Instructions to take a little more of this, a little less of that.  The fear of the downstream side effects from hormone replacement .  Can you imagine having to say,  Well, so what if I have a stroke, at least my hormones were balanced! "  And then having less than optimal results besides. It's enough to make you want to throw in the towel, just give up and suffer.

In this situation, addressing hidden causes is where you're likely to get the results you've not been able to achieve before.  Clinicians are discovering that many symptoms of a rough hormonal journey are due, not to too much or too little of one hormone or another, but rather to heavy metal poisoning.

Whether you're a man, woman or child, when your body is under the influence of toxic metals, the levels of your various hormones can fluctuate wildly as the metals move from your thyroid to your brain, heart, pancreas, your small intestine, or wherever else they are migrating at the moment. 

Additionally, metals affect the regulation of your nervous system, making you feel anxious, nervous, and emotionally hyper-reactive.  Toxic metals are a core reason why women have problems regulating their periods or continue to have hot flashes and why men experience a fall in their testosterone production.

What are heavy metals and how can they cause hormonal imbalances? Heavy metals are so named because of their specific gravity (the weight of a substance as compared with an equal volume of water).  Some heavy metals are extremely poisonous such as, aluminum, antimony, arsenic, barium, beryllium, bismuth, bromine, cadmium, lead and mercury.

Heavy metal toxicity has gained wider attention recently as pregnant women were advised to eat tuna only twice a week because of mercury levels in the fish. Of course, men and children are also affected. And, tuna aren't the only fish now containing toxic levels of mercury.  A number of fresh water lake and stream fish, plus a variety of other ocean fish, carry this toxic metal.  The slag from mining has washed into the streams, then into the lakes, and then the ocean, all the while carrying its load of poison.

Pregnant women are absolutely NOT the only ones affected.   Toxic metals build up in all of our bodies.  Yes, if you are a pregnant woman, the effects of toxic metals will be more obvious because of the threat of miscarriages, stillbirths, and birth defects (metals concentrate in your baby's tissues, cleaning them out of you but poisoning your unborn child). 

If you are a woman in your menopausal years, heavy metal buildup can cause, among other things, mood swings, nervous disorders, and persistent hot flashes that seem impossible to control. And if you are also taking dolomite to feed your bones, you may be adding lead contamination to the mix, because dolomite may be contaminated with lead.  Lead is a heavy metal that interferes with progesterone production. 

It would be easy to succumb to feeling helpless in this situation, both because heavy metal toxicity causes an extremely negative mood and outlook, and also because of feeling at a loss for some constructive action to take. If you'd like to take a constructive action, you can start with this simple, free self-assessment that's easy to do yourself.  Then if you find your self-scores indicate toxic metals might be at the root of your hormone symptoms, you'll know the direction to proceed.  Click here for the list:  Toxic Metals Checklist


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Tags: hormones cause of fatigue hormone problems estrogen dominance hypothyroid hypothyroidism blood sugar problems weight gain what causes weight gain sudden weight gain hormones

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Tags: hormones cause of fatigue hormone problems estrogen dominance hypothyroid hypothyroidism blood sugar problems weight gain what causes weight gain sudden weight gain hormones


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