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Symptoms - The Best Place to Start Resolving Them

  Volume III # 51 Copyright 2013 All Rights Reserved

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Starting from here can make all the difference in truly resolving them...      

Having symptoms of any kind can be a real drag. Even some minor ache or pain can start a nagging, constant worry.  Am I falling apart?    What if I can't work?  What if I can't take care of my kids?  Or even take care of myself? Am I going to have to endure a lot of pain?  Is this the beginning of the end? Soon you can start seeing yourself wasting away in some dark hospital corner, or being carried out your front door feet first.

So of course, you want them to go away as quickly as possible. That's why it's so important to understand what symptoms are. Simply put, 

1. Symptoms are indications of something else.

Think of them like the warning lights on your car giving you a 'heads up' about anything from low oil, a door not shut tight, a seat belt not engaged, and so forth.  What would happen to your car if you dealt with, say the low oil warning light by disconnecting the light?  Symptom gone, right?  Oops.  Using this approach, you're going to be really sorry down the line, and it's going to cost you a LOT of money. 

The same is true when you suppress your body's equivalent of that early warning light.  If you think symptoms are the problem, and simply make the symptom go away, you are asking for trouble. Why? Because

2. Symptoms are not causes.

One symptom can be produced by a variety of causes.  Using the oil warning light as an example, the light can come on to indicate low oil, a leak in the hose,  a problem with the oil pump, a short in the wiring to the warning light, etc.  Each of  these can cause the warning light to come on, but they each require a different action to fix them. The same is true when your body/ mind makes a warning light come on in the form of a symptom.

To illustrate this point, here is an example of thyroid issues I've seen in my practice.  Each person had basically the same symptoms, (fatigue, weight gain, dry skin, ridged nails, etc.)  but those symptoms were driven by the following different causes: 

  • Person #1:  Wheat intolerance    
  • Person # 2  Lactose intolerance    
  • Person # 3  Low iodine levels    
  • Person # 4  An infection     
  • Person # 5  Low adrenals that were straining the thyroid    
  • Person # 6  Emotional stress - living in a situation where it felt dangerous to grow.    
  • Person # 7  A neck vertebra out of place that affected the nerve to the thyroid.    

The point is,

3. To resolve a symptom, address the cause.

Here, you and your health care team can function like detectives, tracking down your body's message until you get it correctly translated.

And that is true resolution.  Not only are you now free of the symptom, but you are also in better health than you were before. Plus, who knows what health disaster you have actually prevented down the line.     

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Tags: what is a symptom what are symptoms symptom what causes symptoms symptom cause my symptoms symptoms search what do symptoms mean


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