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Volume IV   # 56       Copyright 2013        All Rights Reserved

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Cell Phone Use - How to Be Smart About It

Cell phones are here to stay, so use these twelve ways to protect yourself and your loved ones
from the radiation...

We're delighted to welcome special guest author and cell phone expert
Lloyd Burrell ( who has researched the dangers and offered these
top twelve ways to be as safe as possible. Here's what Lloyd has to say about cell phone protection:

"Here are my top 12 tips to minimize your exposure to radiation when using a cell phone. 

1. Do not allow children to use a cell phone for calling.

Children should not use a cell phone except for emergencies. Studies show the developing organs of a child, lower bone density of the skull, lower body weight and therefore a less effective blood brain barrier make children particularly vulnerable to the effects of cell phone radiation (de Salles 2006; Gandhi 1996; Kang 2002; Wang 2003; Wiart 2008).

2. Limit phone calls to those that are absolutely necessary.

Keep the length of these calls to an absolute minimum. The biological effects of cellphone use are directly related to the duration of exposure.

3. Use an air tube headset when possible.

As a rule of thumb signal strength falls off in proportion to the square of the distance to the source. So if you double the distance to the source, which is the cell phone to your head, your potential exposure would be four times less, since two squared is four. Airtube headsets are the safest way of increasing this distance. They are comprised of a part-wired cable and part air tube, which makes it so that the electrical signal is converted into harmless airwaves. An airtube type hands free kit can reduce radiation significantly and it is much safer than bluetooth.

Speaker phone mode is another option. This enables you to hold the phone away from your body when you use it. The downside is that it makes the battery work harder thereby increasing magnetic radiation levels. If you don't have an airtube, speakerphone mode offers a "lesser of two evils" solution.

4. When dialing out do not put your cell phone next to your ear until your correspondent has picked up the communication.

Your cell phone communicates at full power when it is connecting to a number. Hold your phone away from your body when you have finished dialing until the correspondent answers. When receiving an incoming call give yourself a second or two before putting the phone next to your head once you have accepted the call.

5. Avoid carrying your phone directly on your body.

Some phones, like iPhones, emit radiation even when switched off. Flight mode is a safer alternative, but better to avoid carrying your phone on your body.

Even on standby your cell phone communicates at full power with the nearest cell phone tower regularly to ensure it has the best signal possible. If you are in a poor signal area, it may transmit every 30 seconds to try and get a better signal. If you do have to keep your cell phone next to your body keep it away from major organs.

6. Make sure you use your phone only in conditions of optimum reception.

Try to use it outside or near a window as much as possible and avoid using it in a basement, underground station, elevator etc. There is no industry standard on the meaning of the signal bars on cellphones but you are best advised to only telephone when all the signal bars are showing, some phones can ramp up their emissions 1000-fold in areas where the signal is poor. This means that for each signal bar that is missing your exposure increases several hundred times.

7. Do not use your telephone while you are in a moving vehicle.

This might be in a bus, train, car etc. In a moving vehicle the cell phone antenna is constantly scanning for contact and therefore using the maximum signal strength, hence radiation is intensified.

8. Using your cell phone even in a parked car is not advisable.

Any enclosed metal container works like a microwave oven and produces what scientists call the Faraday cage effect. The radiation from your phone bounces round your car and is absorbed by your body at a higher level than would otherwise be.

9. Never sleep with a cell phone switched on at night beside your bed.

In fact I would go so far as to say never even bring the cell phone into the bedroom, because there is always a risk you may leave it switched on and if you do you will be subjecting yourself to radiation all night. Cell phone radiation has been shown to impede the function of the immune system and reduce the production of melatonin at night.

10. Avoid using your cell phone if you are feeling in any way run down, the radiation will make you feel even more tired and will weaken your organism further.

The elderly and pregnant women should be heavily discouraged from using a cell phone, the embryo and fetus develops is not conducive to microwave radiation. If you have a metallic appendage in or around your head such as teeth fillings, metal screws and plates, jewelry and metal framed glasses you may be particularly affected.

11. Don't make the mistake of thinking a low SAR cell phone is a safe cell phone.

SAR means Specific Absorption Rate which is the industry measure of microwave radiation absorbed by human body tissue from using a cell phone. Its good to know what the SAR is of your cell phone but do not make the mistake of thinking a low SAR cell phone is a safe cell phone. A "high SAR phone" can be very efficient and normally work at low power, where as a "low SAR phone" can be inefficient and normally have to work at high power.

12. As much as possible communicate via text messaging rather than making phone calls.

Texting also exposes your body to radiation but it limits the duration of exposure and the proximity to the body. Hold your cell phone away from your body when you press 'send'.

If you find you are developing a sensitivity despite taking all these precautions, protective paints, veils and nets will be able to offer you some relief but ultimately you are best advised to stop using a cell phone."

(BetterHealthBytes encourages you to visit Lloyd's website to read the original article, How to Protect Yourself from Cell Phone Radiation  and for lots more important information about all manner of electromagnetic information and protection:

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Tags: cell phone protection cell phone protection cell phone protection tips electromagnetic radiation protection emfs minimize phone radiation radiation shield tips


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