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Feeling Dizzy: What Might It Indicate?

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Dizziness is a SYMPTOM  and Not a Cause...
But What Might It Indicate?

Volume IV   # 61      Copyright 2013        All Rights Reserved

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I t's horrible to feel dizzy - you're going along fine, and then the world - or at least your perception of it - starts spinning.  You may lose your balance, and if you also feel nauseous, as often happens, you may lose your lunch too!

What in the world is going on?  How can your ability to process reality take such a nosedive?

Like other bodily symptoms, dizziness is a symptom rather than a cause - it's a sign that something's not right.  But what?

Here are some of the most likely conditions dizziness might indicate:

1.  Food poisoning.

2. Malfunction in the gall bladder, possibly due to an infection or  stones.

3. Weakness in the coronary artery and/ or major blood vessels of the heart, causing them to collapse.

4. Toxicity due to heavy metal poisoning.

5. Ear infection, whether bacterial, viral or yeast.

6. Subluxation of vertebrae in the neck, especially the Atlas & C4, which cause the balancing mechanisms in the inner ear not to work properly.

7. Circulatory disturbance or weakness or hardening of carotid arteries that supply blood to the brain.

8.  Virus affecting the heart or heart valves.

9. Hyper-stimulation of the central nervous system due to physical or emotional stressors.

10.Low cerebral spinal fluid, often due to loss of particular mineral salts that hold the fluid inside the cells.

11. Adrenal exhaustion - especially likely if dizziness occurs if getting up fast from lying down or sitting.

12.  Prescription or non-prescription medications, especially blood pressure medications, antibiotics, pain relievers, drugs used to treat cancer, depression or anxiety, anti-convulsants, diuretics, nitroglycerine, quinine, salicylates , alcohol, cocaine.

13. Motion sickness.

14.  Low blood sugar.

15. Acute anxiety or panic attack.

16.  Shock, as in suddenly receiving bad news or being physically injured.

While this list is by no means exhaustive, it represents the most common - and therefore the most likely - candidates.  Check them out first and you're likely to stumble upon the cause (or causes).  Then this otherwise noxious symptom has become a blessing in disguise because it has alerted you to a condition you needed to address to keep or improve your health and well being.


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Tags: sudden dizziness causes of dizziness dizziness and nausea dizzy spells feeling dizzy causes for dizziness dizziness nausea reasons for dizziness


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