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Getting Symptoms? 
Use These Three Crucial Strategies to Start Healing

Symptoms come from your body's instant message system - denying them is perilous.  Instead, tap in to your incredible innate healing capacities with these three keys... 

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W hen you start to develop symptoms, you're likely to feel like you're being chased by some voracious monster. You may even dream about it, and you're running faster and faster to escape but the faster you run, the more the monster closes in on you. 

One person described this way:  "I feel like if my name appeared on a list somewhere, and I was nominated, elected and now I'm expected to serve, but nobody asked my permission!"  

What can you do to regain some semblance of balance?  Is there a way to find safe passage to a healing haven? 

Our natural human tendency is to jump immediately to outer management strategies. Motivated by panic, we desperately want to know how to change our diet, what lifestyle changes to adopt,  what foods to avoid, what pill to take, and on and on. 

While these are all important ingredients in the healing process, we can make a significant error if we use them to gloss over an important aspect of healing.  

We need to be sure that whatever healing strategies we apply from the outside are in cooperation with and build on our inner, subjective, emotional workings instead of fighting them. 

Here are some short guidelines to include which can make all the difference: 

First , fully accept what is real, which is this symptom. Wishing things were different, entertaining rosy dreams of health or even running about in a panic doesn't change the facts: here is this symptom.  

Second , you're not in charge the way you thought you were. Your body is actually doing its own thing. Imposing your will from the 5% of you that is conscious upon the 95% of your subjective life that is unconscious is a setup for failure.  Instead, develop a receptive attitude:  "Hmm, I'm getting a message from my own unconscious.  I'm going to listen and find out what it says." 

The urge to run away can be powerful.  How can you face something so threatening?  If you find yourself tempted by this urge, you'll have much better luck not succumbing if you start with small steps, such as deciding to turn toward your symptom for even a moment.  Remember the scary monster in the dream?  When you turn toward it, you find it was just trying to get your attention!  

Third , greet your symptoms as an invitation to evolve to a greater state of health and well-being.  Symptoms have critical lessons to teach. Practice seeing your conscious self - the part of you that wants to be in control - figuratively bowing before your symptom as would a humble student before a venerated teacher. 

How can these three steps be so important to a positive healing outcome? They carry such potency because they are how we begin to access our powerful, invisible core, - our spiritual essence or life impulse which is loving, awake, aware, and fundamentally free and content.

These three steps are ways we begin to re-align with the transcendent, sacred place within ourselves, - our numinous core.  Instead of staying stuck in the knee-jerk, survival reactions indicated by 'being chased'in dreams, we begin operating from this more exalted level of being.  We start to replace the energy-draining highs and lows of emotion that result from our ego's attempts maintain control with restorative connections to our inner self.

This elevated inner sanctuary is where we can unearth and make conscious the inherent wisdom of our body in creating this symptom and so begin to decode its messages.

We activate this spiritual essence by choosing to trust its wisdom and allow it to take the lead.  It is an act of faith with a singular benefit: deciding to trust that our symptoms are messengers mobilizes our inherent healing capacities. 



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