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Is Your Body Forming STONES?

Gall stones, kidney stones, they're not just unhealthy, they're painful and may set you up for surgery.
Here's a simple explanation of what's going on, and what to do...

Why would your body form stones?  What problem is it trying to solve?  Is it just being mean to you, causing you pain and all manner of disturbance?

Here's one of the most common explanations: When your body's been fighting an infection or trying to get rid of a toxin for a while, it has been making heat to burn it out.  That's why we get fevers - to burn that stuff up!
So when you've been trying to burn something out, no matter what it is, your body uses up a lot of phosphorus. 

Phosphorus, as you may recall, is the substance on the end of a match that bursts into flame - i.e., makes heat - when given a bit of friction.  It's also the substance that is used in firecrackers.

So what happens is your phosphorus levels get lower and lower the longer you're trying to fight this thing your body wants to get rid of.  That causes two problems.

One, you lose more and more energy.  Why?  Because every energy molecule in your body has THREE phosphorus molecules on the end of it.  (The chemical name for this is ATP, or adeninetriphosphate).  So you get more and more fatigued, eventually able to just barely drag yourself around.  Not fun.

Second, you start forming calcium crystals.  Why?  Because your body needs its calcium to stay in liquid form because that's the way your body can use it.  If it's in solid form, your body can't use it.  To stay in liquid form, it requires enough phosphorus in relation to the calcium.

With too little phosphorus, your calcium reverts to a solid form - crystals.  Now your body can't process it -  can't use it and can't get rid of it.  What are its choices then?  If it can't get rid of it, the body's next option is that it tries to store it somewhere.

If it deposits those crystals in your gall bladder, they form gall stones, if in the kidney, kidney stones.  If in the tympanic membrane in your ear, they can cause hearing loss (because the membrane can't vibrate any more).  If it gets deposited on your heart valve, the valve hardens and won't work right anymore, and if on the inside of your arteries, that causes hardening of the arteries.

What's the solution to bringing those calcium crystals back into solution?  It's very straightforward:  get the phosphorus levels back up high enough in relation to calcium so that the calcium comes back into solution! 

One more thing about stone formation:  many people - especially women -are taking lots of calcium to protect their bones.  However, often  the products they're using are not balanced in relation to phosphorus.  This, too,contributes to stone formation because of  high calcium levels in relation to phosphorus. 

To avoid this, use a calcium that's balanced with phosphorus.  The normal blood ratio is considered to be 4 parts of phosphorus to nine parts calcium.

This information was excerpted from the online course, Natural Female Hormone Care.  For more information, Click Here.


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Tags: signs of kidney stones what causes kidney stones causes of kidney stones what causes gall stones cause of kidney stones preventing kidney stones


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