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Toxic Mercury - Proof You Need to be ProActive

Sure, you hear about lots of ways your health is challenged. Here's why toxic mercury elimination should top your 'most important' list...

Volume V   # 71  Copyright 2014   All Rights Reserved
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Ask people what they fear most about old age, and you'll hear Alzheimer's disease from almost all of them.  It's a fear they are likely to sound hopeless about, too.  No known cause, no known cure, progressive, eventually fatal, nothing to be done.

So, is that really true, that all those of us who don't have that diagnosis can only await our fate with our fingers crossed?

More and more scientists think not. Many are using phrases such as 'mercury exposure' and 'mercury toxic load' and 'accumulated body burden of mercury' when listing top suspected contributing factors for those who end up with an Alzheimer's diagnosis.

It's long been known that mercury is a neurotoxin (meaning toxic to nerves and nerve tissue).  The phrase 'mad as a hatter' was coined as far back as the mid 1800's when the people using mercury to make hats developed strange behaviors and mental illnesses secondary to their mercury exposure.

Perhaps you'd like to see for yourself what they are finding out about mercury. If, so click on these couple links below.  They'll show you what mercury does to nerves.

In the first one, you will see the changes induced in brain nerve endings when exposed to mercury - changes which are the same as the 'neurofibrillary tangles' seen in the brains of Alzheimer's patients.  In a little more than 4 minutes, you'll see why getting your mercury exposure under control is so crucial if you don't want to end up with an Alzheimer's diagnosis yourself:

Next, the biggest toxic mercury exposure you will receive comes from 'silver amalgam' fillings, because they are over 50% mercury.  Check out this link to see what's happening to the mercury in your mouth:

Don't just run out and get all your mercury-containing fillings removed, however (even if you can afford it.) You could end up dumping a massive amount of mercury all at once, and then not being able to eliminate it.

People who have done this have ended up with major health problems, like heart failure, for example, or kidney failure, or even death.

One simple, constructive step you can take is to do a 'reality check' to see how many of your physical and emotional symtoms are due to heavy metal toxicity, especially mercury.  To do so, you can get a free questionnaire here:

These small, constructive steps taken now, can head off big destructive consequences down the road. It may seem inconvenient to take the time now, but it isn't nearly as inconvenient as having neurfibrillary tangles!

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Tags: brain cells cause of fatigue toxic metals heavy metal toxicity heavy metal poisoning brain fog Alzheimer amyloid amyloid plaque brain amyloid


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