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Why Your Bones Need Cholesterol
           to be Healthy

If you attempt to lower your blood cholesterol -
       whether through diet or drugs -
          consider what that could do to your bones...

The Nourishing Company
The Nourishing Company

Volume V   # 77    Copyright 2014        All Rights Reserved

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You might never have thought about any connection between your bone health and your cholesterol levels. Yet there not only is a connection, it is a major one. Here's why:

Most people know that bones require calcium. Some might know bones require magnesium, even that phosphorus and silica are good for bones.  All that is certainly true.  After all, what makes bones hard and strong is these mineral  deposited on their connective tissue mesh.

That might lead you to think that if you made sure you had those minerals either in your diet or in your supplements, that you'd be good to go, bone-wise.  But not so fast.

Did you ever stop to think about how your body takes the minerals in your diet or your supplements and turns them into bone, let alone bones that are strong enough to carry your frame around all day and withstand the various bumps and bruises of life?

Here's what happens.  Your body can do many things with the minerals you ingest.  It can send them to your muscles so they can contract (using calcium) and relax (using magnesium.)    It can turn them into calcifications that make your soft tissue hardened when stored there.  (That's what goes on when the body forms stones, or calcifies the inside of arteries, or lands inside your tympanic membrane, making you hard of hearing.)

What keeps your body from just saying, oh, I don't know what to do with these minerals, I'll just put them anywhere?  What is it that causes your body to carry these mineral treasures to your bones to make them stronger?

In a word, hormones.  Hormones are chemical messengers that direct bodily processes.  Three different hormones are required to make good, strong, healthy bone.

The first is progesterone - it directs the osteoblasts (bone building cells) to get on with it and build bone.

The second is estrogen - it directs the osteoclasts - (the bone repair cells) to clean out old bone and shore up the area.

The third is testosterone - it directs the formation of the connective tissue mesh where the minerals are deposited.

What does this have to do with cholesterol?  In a word, everything.  All three of these hormones are sterols.  To make sterols, your body uses  -ta da - cholesterol!

That's why without sufficient cholesterol to make these three hormones, you will not build bone, no matter if you ingest minerals by the bucketful!  You have to have all three hormones to direct the process, and all three hormones require cholesterol.

Understanding this connection, you can readily comprehend why anything that interferes with adequate cholesterol levels for a sufficient length of time will result first in osteopenia, then full-blown osteoporosis.

Better to keep sufficient cholesterol levels in the first place!


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Tags: blood cholesterol levels what is blood cholesterol osteoperosis how to increase bone density increasing bone density hormones hormone problems hormone levels


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