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If you want to heal faster, you can do certain things and avoid doing other things...

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ay have noticed that a cut or a bruise or a muscle strain just doesn't heal as rapidly as you think it should, or even could.

If so, you might not have realized that you can positively influence your body to heal faster.  Nonetheless, it is true. The key to pulling this off is to start with understanding how your healing system works.

To heal at all, let alone rapidly, your body must operate in the nervous system modality that governs repair.

To do that, it must choose from one of two automatic ways of operating.  These two have been referred to as 'sympathetic mode' or 'parasympathetic mode.'

The first one, the sympathetic mode, is often called the 'run from the lion' mode.  Thought to have evolved millions of years ago on the African savannah, it supports life by responding to emergencies with a huge output of adrenaline, grabbing all the body's resources and sending them to your muscles, ready for immediate action.

The second mode is often referred to as the 'parasympathetic' mode.  In this automatic response, the body's resources are shunted into repairing, resting, recovering and healing.  Of course, it is this mode where you can affects the rate at which you can heal.

To improve your healing rate then, involves supporting your body to maintain top parasympathetic functioning.  If given the opportunity, it will proceed with healing as rapidly as it is able.

So, how to accomplish this?  Here are a few tips:

1. Make sure, not just that you're getting enough sleep, in terms of numbers of hours, but also that you are sleeping deeply and profoundly, because this allows your parasympathetic system to maximize its work.

2. Exercise (but don't OVERexercise) during the day to promote optimal blood circulation and prepare the body for the state of rest at bedtime.

3. Avoid stimulants such as coffee, black or green tea, colas, etc, especially after noon. These promote sympathetic functioning, and will shunt energy away from healing at night.

4. Drink calming herbal teas such as chamomile or lemon balm for soothing nerves, peppermint for digestion.

4. Avoid running your body in an acid pH, as that is irritating to the nerves and can tend to stimulate action rather than rest and recovery. The minerals contained in kelp and alfalfa are excellent for this purpose, as they leave an alkaline ash when metabolised.

5.  Consume foods that leave an alkaline ash when metabolized. Rich food sources include apricots, orange juice, bananas, dates, raisins, potatoes and yams.

6. Avoid excessive sugar use, since that is a primary cause of potassium depletion. Potassium helps slow down a racing nervous system and aids the transition ti parasympathetic mode.

7.  If you feel you are over-excited and need an aid to help you sleep, consider using herbal supports such as Valarian or Kava Kava or Passion Flower.  These are easily metabolised by your liver, and don't suppress or override parasympathetic functioning.

8.  If you've had a stressful day, chances are your blood levels of circulating cortisol are still too high.  That will keep you in sympathetic mode and slow down your rate of healing. To help your liver clear the cortisol as rapidly as possible so you can have a good nights' sleep, try a Garlic supplement.  It promotes a more rapid rate of liver detoxification because it supplies the necessary sulfur molecules for both Phase I and Phase II liver detoxification.

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Tags: healing how to heal how to heal faster heal faster speed recovery decrease healing time speed healing recover quickly


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