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Your food, water and air are loaded with hormone-mimicking compounds called xenoestrogens.
Use these 8 tips to reduce and eliminate your exposure...

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Xenoestrogens are compounds so named because 'xeno-' actually means 'strange' or 'alien' or 'guest', They are environmental compounds, usually derived from petrochemical sources, that mimic the body's own estrogen. In other words, whether in the body of a man, woman or child, they function like estrogens but are far more potent than those the body produces.

For example, xenoestrogens can affect sex changes in fish, at a dose of only one nanogram. "(A nanogram is a billionth of a gram, which is roughly the same proportion as a grain of sand to an Olympic swimming pool.) In other words, this tiny amount turns boy fish into girl fish.

Think you might not want that going on in your body, or the body of your children? Then use the following recommendations to reduce and/or eliminate xenoestrogens as much as possible.

1. Product purchases: Replace products with toxic ingredients such as cosmetics, nail polish and nail polish removers, toothpaste, synthetic perfumes, household cleaning agents, pesticides, fungicides and herbicides. If you can't do that all at once due to economic constrains, then purchase nontoxic ones as you need to replace them (they may be labeled "green" products). Make certain your old, toxic ones end up in the hazardous waste recycling station. This includes various prescription drugs, especially those containing hormones.

2. Eat Organic Food. Buying and eating organic foods is crucial to your well being, so choose them whenever possible. As a bonus, you'll also avoid GMO's this way.

3. Non-Organic Food Preparation. To reduce pesticides on non-organic food, wash it in ozonated water for 20 minutes before cooking, or peel and wash it with diluted vinegar to remove surface pesticides. Discard outer leaves of leafy vegetables.

4. Food Storage.  Make sure you store your food in glass or pyrex containers, and eliminate plastic containers for this purpose, as they are all made from petrochemicals.

5. Microwaving.  Microwaving food is never good for its nutritional content. For one thing, it changes the molecular structure. However many cooks, especially when they're so busy, are loathe to give up that way of food preparation. So while you make that adjustment make sure you don't microwave food in plastic containers. Also, make certain you do not use plastic wrap to cover food for microwaving. Then move your food prep over to a convection oven. A small one works great for many preparation tasks.

6. Laundry. Eliminate fabric softeners, which impregnate clothes with petroleum products that wearers absorb from clothes through skin and into/their bodies.

7.Water. Filter your water. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, some 700 chemicals are now commonly found in drinking water. However, safety standards exist for only 83 contaminants. You can find out the status of your local drinking water, at

8. Detoxification.  With professional support and guidance, undertake a regular detoxification program to allow your body to release stored toxins. To be effective against pesticides and xenoestrogens, you will need to use a program which creates a bodily fat exchange. That's because such a program allows the fat molecules in your body that have stored the toxins to be eliminated and replaced with new, uncontaminated fat cells. The key is to choose a program that is designed both to detoxify and to keep elimination active in the process. Otherwise you'll just release toxins into your circulation where they'll keep getting pumped around and you'll poison yourself even further.

Be aware that the government will not regulate pesticides out of the food supply because it is dominated by the chemical industry. Understand that, like it or not, and right or not, it up to you to be pro-active in eliminating these toxins from your body.

Also, understand that the change needed to reverse this is market driven. That means that you are voting with your wallet every time you make a purchase. Carry the above list with you when you shop so you can easily remind yourself of how you use your hard-earned money to vote.

Content for this newsletter was excerpted from Natural Female Hormone Care lessons. For more information and to access the free questionnaire, "How Healthy Are My Hormones", go to

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Tags: chemicals in food xenoestrogens pesticides in food hormones in food hormones in meat chemicals in water estrogen in food pesticides


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