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You can't see a leaky gut but it can play untold havoc with your health anyway. 
Here's what it is,  and here's the # 1 strategy for addressing it...

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Leaky gut is one of those invisible bodily conditions that can undermine your health and well-being without you ever knowing its going on. It can even progress from intestinal upset and indigestion all the way to full-blown celiac disease.

The problem starts when deep inside your body, for some reason, the lining of your intestine has become too permeable.  That means its leaking food particles and, er, the stuff that's supposed to go down and out, which  is now oozing into your belly.  How would you know?

• You may experience only vague symptoms initially, like feeling a little bloated and gassy, as if you ate too much, even though you know you didn't. (That's due to inflammation.)

• You might feel a vague discomfort in your belly - like a general achiness. (That's due to an inflammatory reaction too.)

• You may come down with colds and flu more easily than you had.  (That's because so much (80%!) of immune function is located in your gut.)

• You might notice more and more foods give you problems.  (That's because those undigested food particles are now circulating around where your immune system identifies them as foreign proteins, which they are, and attacks them).

• You might have unexplained dull headaches and bouts of fatigue.

• Sometimes you might even have cramps in your intestine, and think you ate something that didn't agree with you.  In that part, you might well be right.

Regular medical doctors are clear that this problem exists,but they're still not clear on how to diagnose it or  treat it. Perhaps waiting until all that gets sorted out might not be good for your health.  So what can you do in the meantime?

Based on clinical evidence and experience, many health practitioners say that the # 1 cause of leaky gut in their opinion is:  WHEAT!  Apparently the kind of wheat we are eating in the modern world is a hybrid - one our bodies have not adapted to in order to digest it.  When we eat wheat, the normal space between one gut cell and another, which is only ONE micron, gets expanded to 15 microns. This is akin to creating a superhighway for all manner of yuk to cross over into your body. 

What this implies is that the #1 strategy for eliminating leaky gut is to eliminate wheat. This is different than having to eliminate gluten.  You can still have rye, buckwheat, barley, millet, oats etc - at least if you're not also gluten intolerant.

Still this is not a simple task, given that wheat is present in so many foods and products.  Sometimes it's even used as a filler in nutritional supplements and prescription drugs.

Nonetheless, it can be done, as many people who are gluten intolerant can tell you, and its not as difficult as it may seem at first.  You can start by first becoming aware of the sources of wheat you're consuming, and then gradually work to eliminate them.

It's just one step, but one that many people have discovered corrects their leaky gut and its symptoms completely. And some who have made this change (not all, but some) have noted that they shed a number of unwanted pounds as well, and without even thinking about it.

Those are huge health benefits from making one simple change!


Tags: celiac disease indigestion leaky gut syndrome leaky gut chronic fatigue syndrome gluten intolerance symptoms of leaky gut intestinal permeability intestinal discomfort wheat

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Tags: celiac disease indigestion leaky gut syndrome leaky gut chronic fatigue syndrome gluten intolerance symptoms of leaky gut intestinal permeability intestinal discomfort wheat


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