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Emotional Self-Neglect - Learn How to Avoid Its Disasters

Your emotional self operates at the very core of your life, affecting everything you think and do...

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Volume V   # 84 Copyright 2014        All Rights Reserved
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The consequences of neglecting your physical needs are likely well known to you. That's why you pay at least some attention to your eating and sleeping habits.

But another kind of neglect is at least or even more important: - your emotional life. Ignoring, neglecting or abusing your emotional self can lead to all kinds of dire consequences.

Here are five of the many such examples:

1.    increasing stress
2.    relationships going sour
3.    greater number and intensity of physical illnesses
4.    increasing failure to achieve goals
5.    rising feelings of frustration, bad moods, increased anxiety, anger and even depression.

Emotional self-neglect is not merely a bad habit - its profound effects are borne out by scientific research that demonstrates that your emotional brain - your limbic system - operates like a central clearing house.
Everything - your thoughts, beliefs, ideas, plans, fantasies etc. run through it where they are filtered and 'color' your perceptions and therefore the reality you perceive, respond to and participate in creating.
Knowing this, it's easier to see how your emotional life not just can effect, but does effect:

     • your feelings about yourself,

     • your relationships,
     • your parenting of yourself,your children and grandchildren,
     • your mental health,
     • your ability to understand your own needs and        motivations and those of others as well.
Your emotional life profoundly affects your physical health as well. The pathways and mechanisms through which this happens were identified by Candace Pert, PH.D., who demonstrated that each thought you think has a parallel physical molecule that runs through your body. This "thought molecule" instructs your physiology in how to proceed. In other words, your thoughts ceaselessly produce physical changes!
A major boost was given to this astounding fact by Bruce Lipton, Ph.D., who demonstrated that both your genes and your DNA not only can be - but are -manipulated by your beliefs. In other words, your beliefs are what control your biology whether or not your beliefs are right!
How is this possible? Because every single one of the 50 to 70 trillion cells in your body is always busy adapting to your environment - and when you change your emotional environment you change the environmental signals that elicit the behavior of your cells. In this way your emotional self is literally in charge of your cells!

The good news is that not only can you avoid these miserable consequences, you can also create massive positive changes for yourself by paying attention to, and then improving how you take care of your emotional life needs.

To thrive emotionally,  you need to take care of the emotional tasks that present themselves as part of what you do as you go through life. Your emotional needs will be with you as long as you're alive, with repercussion in your physical health, your self-esteem, your confidence, your relationships, your job successes and more. You will reap huge dividends and avoid terrible disasters as you learn what they are and how to take care of them. 

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Tags: emotional life healing your emotional self break emotional bad habits tips for emotional healing the emotional self this emotional life emotional self esteem


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