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An amazing number of medical conditions have parasites at their root. Make no mistake- they're not just pests, they can kill you...

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Volume V   # 86 Copyright 2014        All Rights Reserved  

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I f you were a fly on the wall of some recent health professional seminars, you would have heard a couple things that would make you sit up and take notice regarding the possibility that you could be harboring parasites. 


The first  is that "everybody has parasites, you either take charge of them, or they take charge of you."  That's bad enough, right? 


But then there's a second thing you would have overheard, which is that "Every cancer cell has parasites in it."   Whoa!  If the first statement didn't get your attention, certainly this second one would! 


What are parasites?  Biologically speaking, they are organisms that  grow, feed, and are sheltered on or in a different organism while contributing nothing to the survival of their host.”[i]  


That mild definition belies the myriad difficulties they can cause their unwilling host.  For example, depending on the type, they could promote cataract formation due to parasite eggs deposited in the lens or your eye.  They can cause ovarian cysts in women. They can produce itchy skin or a strange rash – symptoms that can be caused by parasites themselves, their eggs or the toxins they release.   


They might create a vague achiness, or muscle aches or twitches (due to larvae that have invaded  muscle striations).  They can trigger hot flash activity in women, and prostate swelling in men.   


They can create digestive system symptoms such as gas, bloating, belching, vague nausea, loss of appetite or strange cravings.  They can stimulate increased sweaing.  They can create trouble swallowing, or even difficulty breathing due to larvae in those muscles.   They can even mimic symptoms of some awful debilitating disease such as lupus or multiple sclerosis, the symptoms of which might resolve entirely once  the parasites are cleared. 


Additionally, these symptoms can change owing to the different phases of the parasite's life cycle.  They can start out in the gut, causing pain, diarrhea, gas, bloating, etc.  By the time they are suspected and a stool sample test is conducted, they may have moved on to their favorite target organ, such as lungs, or liver, and therefore evade detection in stool sample tests. 




Besides stool samples, medical tests for discovering parasites can include specimens from blood, bone marrow aspiration, intestinal tract biopsies (jejuna, duodenal and rectal), swabs during sigmoidoscopy, sputum, skin snips, and urogenital system (including vaginal, urethral, prostatic secretions and bladder). 


Various muscle testing systems can also uncover parasitic issues, as this way of working can suss out issues on a more subtle level than standard medical tests.  This way of proceeding can be especially valuable if the parasites have encysted themselves and deposited themselves in bone marrow, for example.  They might be able to hide from a swab or a biopsy, but not from a well-trained practitioner with good muscle testing skills.  

Cleaning House  


Although various parasite-cleansing protocols are available for over-the-counter use, these are likely to be effective only for cleaning the little buggers out of your intestinal tract, leaving the future generations ready to take over once the parent generation is out of the way.  For this reason it's wise to find a health practitioner who knows how to test and can tailor a protocol specifically to your situation.   


Whatever that protocol might be, it is essential that you not initiate a 'kill-rate that's too high, as your body could become overwhelmed trying to eliminate the results.  Instead, slow and steady is the best way to proceed. 


Then when you and your practitioner are convinced you are cleared of them, don't rest on your laurels too long.  It's entirely too easy to pick up another batch, or get reinfected with the same ones again.  That's why it's in the best interests of your health and well-being to get checked routinely from time to time.  The sooner you find them, the fewer babies they can have, and the easier it will be to get them gone. 


And meanwhile, keep your stomach acid secretions high enough.  That's your body's first barrier against most infestations. 


Taking charge of parasites instead of letting them take charge of you is not just a way to feel better; your life may actually depend on it.  You'll never know what awful roads you will not have to travel down when you routinely check for and actively address parasite issues.     


This information was excerpted from the Natural Female Hormone Care series. For more information, and to receive a free female hormone self-assessment questionnaire, go to   


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Tags: parasite symptoms parasites symptoms do I have a parasite symptoms of parasites in humans how to get rid of parasites how do I get rid of parasites signs of parasites


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