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Powerful Messages for All Your Life Transitions

You Can't Prevent Life Changes. Use These Powerful Messages to Help You Handle Them Well

The Nourishing Company

Volume VI   # 92         Copyright 2014        All Rights Reserved

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The unavoidable changes life brings whether we like it or not often find us defaulting back to some pretty negative thinking.  And of course, since thoughts come before actions, we're setting ourselves up for making real the very things we fear. 

This is true regardless of the kind of change we're going through - a new job, a move to another location, a career change, becoming a parent, a birth in the family, a divorce, a graduation, a new season, a new year, or even the end of life itself.

It's easy enough to say 'think positively', but how do you actually do that when your thinking is so negative you can't even think positively about your ability to think positively?

Then add the stresses that change brings - even if it's a highly desired one - and you might just surrender to all that negativity rather than put forth the effort it would take to create some positive messages.

Fear not.  Below are some positive messages you can use, ready-made for any transition, no matter how large or small.  I created them for grown-ups working through issues from one of the most basic and profound life transitions there is -  birth. 

Later it became evident that these messages were so fundamental to the process of change that they were powerful affirmations for all the changes of life.  This is in part true because the memories we imprinted during our actual physical birth are activated during every life transition, no matter how large or small. 

So here are the messages.  Use them to assist you in having smooth and joyful life transitions.

Messages to Support All Your Life Transitions:

• I am provided with the opening I need.
• I am supported this and every moment.
• As I let go into the protection, safety and process of this transition, I am brought directly through.
• I relax and enjoy every phase of my transition.
• I enter my new world supple and vitalized and to a warm welcome.
• I am claimed and celebrated at each phase of the transition.
• I continue to deepen this inborn way of moving through all my life passages.


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Tags: positive affirmations life changing thoughts going through a divorce affirmation quotes change your thoughts change your life life transitions women inspirational quotes

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Tags: positive affirmations life changing thoughts going through a divorce affirmation quotes change your thoughts change your life life transitions women inspirational quotes


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