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VACCINES  - Protect Your Health with   INFORMED Choices

Use the resources below to inform yourself about the some 250 (yes, two hundred and fifty!) vaccines that are or will be marketed to you...

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ou may not know that receiving a vaccination often means you're being injected with tissues from another human being.  Indeed,  some vaccines currently include various fetal cell lines from aborted fetuses. They also can include human albumen, genetically engineered human albumen and human DNA.

Some people object to this on the face of it -  being injected with human fetal tissue in the first place.  Others' protests are based on science, for example, the spike in autism rates when the chicken pox vaccine began containing fetal tissue. Then there are the unknown consequences such as the risk of allergic reactions and the rise in autoimmune diseases. Some also objecton religious grounds. 

The number of vaccines estimated to contain these human cells varies depending on both the source and the number of vaccines taken into account.  One estimate suggests that 23 vaccines currently on the market contain these cells. (A list of human tissues used in some vaccines can be found here: ).

VACCINES CONTAINING HUMAN TISSUE: The following list is offered to support informed choice.  At last check, the following vaccines  are some of those that contain human tissue of one sort or another:

Polio:  PolioVax, Pentacel, DT Polio Absorbed, Quadracel (Sanofi) 

Measles, Mumps, Rubella:  MMR II, Meruvax II, MRVax, Biovax, ProQuad, MMR-V (Merck) Priorix, Erolalix (GlaxoSmithKline)

Varicella (Chickenpox and Shingles):  Varivax, ProQuad, MMR-V, Zostavax (Merck)Varilix (GlaxoSmithKline)

Hepatitis A:  Vaqta (Merck), Havrix, Twinrix (GlaxoSmithKine), Avaxim, Vivaxim , Sanofi), Epaxal (Crucell/Berna)Rabies:  Imovax (Sanofi).

A complete list of vaccines from aborted fetus cell lines is available here:

OTHER VACCINE INGREDIENTS: There are two reasons why a listing of all the various ingredients in vaccines is not possible to acquire.  The first is that manufacturers are not required to report certain ingredients if they exist below a certain threshold.  For example, the cumulative neuro-toxin mercury, contained in Thimerisol which is currently an ingredient in the flu shot, is not required to be reported if below the legal threshold.

The other reason is that due to poor checks and balances in the manufacturing process, vaccines may have many contaminants that were not intended to be included in their manufacture, such as other bacteria, for example, a fact some former industry insiders continue to report.

Here, then, is a partial list of some other ingredients found in vaccines:

formaldehyde, thimerosal, polysorbate 80 (Tween-80), ammonium sulfate, formalin,sucrose, lactose, washed sheep red blood cells, continuous line of monkey kidney cells, neomycin, sorbitol, benzethonium chloride, ammonium sulfate, glycerin, a phenol-a compound from coal tar, beta-propiolactone,  phosphate buffered saline, 2-phenoxyethenol, soy protein, yeast, sucrose, monosodium glutamate (MSG), aspartame, polydimethylsiloxane (silicone), processed gelatin, fetal bovine serum, guinea pig embryo cells, chick embryo, vesicle fluid from calf skins, rhesus monkey fetal diploid cells, bovine fetal serum, rhesus monkey fetal lung cells,  bovine gelatin, serum "from source countries known to be free of bovine spongioform encephalopathy," chicken protein,  bovine serum, hydrolized gelatin, chicken embryo, continuous line of monkey kidney cells.

To find out which ingredients are in any particular vaccine,  go  to: 

FOR MORE INFORMATION As the saying goes, information is power. The better informed you are the better the choices you will be able to make for you and for those dependent on you for their care. An excellent source of information about vaccines can be found in the package inserts. 

That said, there are some ingredients that the law does not require to be reported or taken into account if they are below a certain threshold, so even reading the inserts will not tell you everything. Then, too, it would take a lot of effort to collect and review them all. 

Happily this job has been taken on and placed online for you. If you'd like to review some vaccine  package inserts, click: Many package inserts here 

If all this information seems overwhelming, you might like to consider what Barbara Loe Fisher has concluded after studying vaccines enough to become an expert.  Here is what she has to say:

 "If vaccines are safe and effective for everyone,
then those who choose to get vaccinated should
have nothing to fear from those
who choose not to get vaccinated.

If vaccines are not safe and effective for everyone,
then it is unethical to require anyone to get vaccinated
without their voluntary, informed consent."     
  Barbara Loe Fisher, National Vaccine Information Center

VACCINE CHOICES & YOUR LEGAL RIGHTS   Currently in the United States, federal law does not govern vaccine choices.  Instead that right belongs to each state, and each state makes its own legal policies, for example, about whether or not a child will be admitted to school without certain vaccinations.

Nonetheless, parents are programmed to think this is required, using such techniques as the one In California, where 'public service announcements' beginn with the advent of the school year telling parents their child must receive certain immunizations to be admitted to school. Even the California Department of Public Health website makes this statement.

Yet that is not the complete truth because it fails to include the fact that there are legal reasons for exemptions that parents can exercise.

To find out your legal rights regarding vaccination exceptions, go to
                                                                                                                             Pamela Levin, R.N., T.S.T.A
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Tags: hepatitis a vaccine autism and vaccines mmr vaccine schedule vaccine information vaccinations and autism flu vaccination flu vaccine ingredients ingredients in vaccines


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