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Your Top Health Concerns for 2015 Are Here

All year long your votes have been coming in via mouse clicks.   Now here are the results... 

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10. Chronically Hurtful People & Self-Responsibility 
Chronically hurtful people exist everywhere. Sometimes they're even members of your own family. Since they can't be avoided, guest expert Roxanne Livingston tells us how to recognize that situation, the effect CHP's can have on you, and how best to proceed in that situation. (The 3rd of a 3 part series). 

9. To Ditch Diabetes & Blood Sugar Problems - Learn from People Who Have 
Diabetes and related blood sugar handling issues are dramatically increasing, yet some people are ditching their diabetes entirely. Here are some things they're doing...

8. Relationships with Chronically Hurtful People 
Relationships with chronically hurtful people (CHP's) can be stressful. Here expert and author Roxanne Livingston describes what they're really like, the better to deal with them. (Part 1 of a 3 part series.)

7. Fatigued? Tired All the Time? Suspect Thyroid Problems?
If you have fatigue symptoms, are constantly tired or suspect you have thyroid problems,check to see if you have the symptoms listed here. If so, try these simple dietary tweaks to help you regain control.

6. Microwaving Food - How It Damages Your Health 
You're stuck with your genes right?  A genetic error, an absent gene, a cancer gene, and you can do nothing about their expression, you might think.  Actually, not exactly true. Here's why...

5. Your Emotional State is Affecting Your DNA - Right Now! 
Can your emotional state actually affect your DNA?  Russian scientists discovered that, even as you read these words, your emotional state is impacting your DNA.  Here's how that takes place...

4. Powerful Messages for All Your Life Transitions
You can't prevent life changes. Whether they involve a birth, going through a divorce, a graduation, new job or changing career, even a death, your adjustment to these life transitions is unavoidable.  Use these powerful messages to help you through all your life passages.

3. Can Feeling Depressed Lead to Strokes? 
Recent scientific studies link the two, and infer that immediately getting on anti-depressant medication will reduce stroke risk. But before you run out and get a prescription, check out these twelve conditions that can cause depression symptoms, because addressing any that apply to you can resolve depression entirely.

2. Is Your Heart Getting Enough of These Three Minerals to be Healthy?
Your heart absolutely requires these three minerals to be healthy and to function correctly, so make sure you're getting enough.  Check here to see how.

1.  Vaccines - Protect Your Health with INFORMED Choices
You can use the resources here to protect your health by informing yourself about the some 250 (yes, two hundred and fifty!) vaccines that are or will be marketed to you...


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Tags: top health topics top health concerns favorite health articles for 2015 recent health issues health problems health related issues health related articles fitness articles health news article recent health issues health tips top ten health current health articles


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