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Spring Clean Your Body - Here's How

To reduce your chances of succumbing to colds, flu and more during the spring season change, clean your body...

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Everyone looks forward to spring when there's so much to enjoy.  The trees are leafing out, the blossoms are swaying in the breeze, the grass is green and new, the air is fresh.

But too many people can't enjoy it because they've got a case of that notorious spring flu or cold.  While others are out relishing the new life emerging from the earth, they're inside, too listless to get out of bed. They're  lethargic, cloudy headed, foggy brained, irritable, short-tempered, achy - in short, miserable!

There are good reasons this happen to so many people as the stress of winter dissipates and gentler times arrive.  The most susceptible ones are those whose bodies have a backload of toxins   to eliminate.  That's because the human body is like any other part of nature - when cleanup is required, the bugs move in to do the job.  It's basic ecology, human style.

One way your body can develop such a toxic burden is through foods that are incompletely digested, and therefore incompletely eliminated. Any food, no matter how pure and wonderful in its original form becomes toxic to the body when incompletely eliminated.  For example, picture a lovely ripe banana all ready to eat.  Now picture that banana three weeks later, after sitting out in a warm room.  That's what happens to any food you can't completely digest  Basically, to be blunt, it builds up in your system, turning to rotting garbage.  Yuk!

What this means is that the easiest and most effective way to diminish the chances that the bugs will move into your body is to make certain that you've reduced your body's toxic burden. And the best time to carry this out is just prior to each season change.

So, here's how to proceed.  First of all, attitude.  There's nothing WRONG with your body.  You are not inadequate or built wrong.  You are simply a person whose body needs some time and support to catch up on that elimination backlog.

Second, pay attention to signs of toxicity.  Here are ten of them:

1.     Bad breath;

2.     Skin rashes, psoriasis, eczema, boils, acne, moles, age spots and skin tags;

3.      Digestive problems, such as bloating, gassiness and or flatulence;

4.     Constipation, because the liver releases substances that stimulate bowel emptying;

5.     Chemical sensitivities;

6.     Allergies;

7.     Blood sugar issues (the liver helps regulate blood sugar levels) such as getting shaky, weak, grouchy or aggressive if a meal is delayed, feeling like taking a nap after eating a large meal; waking during the night ;

8.      Cholesterol problems, including high or imbalanced (the liver produces some 80% of total cholesterol)

9.      Blood Abnormalities, especially blood clots (can indicate sluggish liver);

10.    Hormone imbalances, especially estrogen dominance for men, women and children.

Third, keep your liver clean, as it’s a primary organ of detoxification.  It does over 500 different jobs, including cleaning every drop of blood as it pumps through, 24 hours a day 7 days a week for your entire life.  Little wonder it gets tired sometimes, and even less surprising that it sometimes needs a little help to get its job done. These times are most likely to occur during the four seasonal transitions in spring, summer, fall and winter, as that's when the body does some seasonal 'housecleaning.'

Fourth, learn to support your liver's detoxification process. When you recognize some of these symptoms in yourself, or even during the couple weeks just prior to the solstices and equinoxes, squeeze the fresh juice of a lemon and drink it to increase your intake of whole food vitamin C.

Also, you can find a whole food garlic supplement and follow the directions on the label.  That will provide your liver with the sulfur it needs to complete both Phase I and Phase II detoxification.

Those two strategies alone may be sufficient.

If not, consider working with a health practitioner experienced with cleansing  or purification protocols. That way you will have guidance so you don't trigger a massive detox reaction that can make you really sick.  Plus the bugs will have find nothing to do in your body, and pass you by when it comes to that notorious seasonal cold or flu.


This article was excerpted from Natural Female Hormone Care lessons.  For a free questionnaire to assess your own hormone balance, go to


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Tags: toxins in the body body toxins body toxin avoid flu flu influenza detoxify your body how to detoxify your body fatigue causes what causes fatigue tired all the time


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