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What lies hidden behind your STRESS symptoms?

Stress is a symptom, not a cause. To manage it effectively address the actual causes...

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                       The Nourishing Company

Volume VII # 119 Copyright 2016 All Rights Reserved

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No doubt we each encounter symptoms of stress frequently - even on a daily basis. but then too many of us make this one mistake. That one simple error makes all the difference in whether we find effective means to reduce it.

That misstep is this: we take a symptomatic approach to deciding what - if anything - to do about it. : "I have stress symptoms - therefore I take this one approach, and that is to override the symptoms by taking an antianxiety pill,"  for example. 

But many conditions can lie behind stress symptoms, which means that effectively addressing stress means to ferret out and address underlying causes.

Here are just some of them:

  Sympathetic/ Parasympathetic Nervous System imbalances;
  Central Nervous System issues;
  Food Intolerances;
  Chemicals (including petroleum solvents);
  Immune Challenges (bacteria, yeast, viruses);
  Geopathic stressors;
  Alignment problems;
  Dental Issues;
  Autoimmune problems;
  Nutritional deficiencies and/or dysfunctions in all organs and glands;
  Pesticides and Xenoestrogens;
  Synthetic Vitamins;
  Halogens (chlorine and dental fluoride especially);
  Birth control choices (ALL pharmaceutical ones create estrogen dominance);
  Food additives;
  Hormone receptor site blockages;
  Electromagnetic frequencies;
  Emotions and Attitude;
  Political forces.

Why is it so important to addresses causes? Here’s an example from the lives of women: When women are under stress, their adrenals secrete adrenalin and cortisol - too much cortisol for too long weakens connective tissue, suppresses immune system function and plays havoc with her hormonal system.

But that’s not all. In long-term stress, progesterone can’t enter its cell receptors due to the presence of adrenalin, resulting in the symptoms of progesterone depletion, which in turn can lead to bone loss and estrogen dominance.

However, these are SYMPTOMS, not CAUSES! If she seeks help from a ‘paint-by-the-numbers’ or 'treat the symptom' clinician, that person will look at the results of her hormone lab test, see progesterone depletion and recommend their favorite product to increase progesterone. Oops!

These are just some of the reasons that addressing stress symptoms effectively requires a holistic, rather than symptom-oriented approach - one that searches for, and then effectively addresses causes.

This article was excerpted from Natural Female Hormone Care online lesson series.  For a free questionnaire to assess your own female hormone balance, go to

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Tags: relieve stress stress relief reduce stress deal with stress cope with stress stress and anxiety stress tips stress on the body


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