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Top Ten BetterHealthBytes Topics of 2013

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10.  For Better Relationships, These Emotional Needs Are Ground Zero   The quality, health and satisfaction of all relationships depends on attending to emotional needs.  But what are they?  Here are the six most basic ones.

9. Your Health Care - Is It Healthy For You?    Annual checkups, lab tests, health screenings, vaccinations, prescription drugs - do they add up to better health?  Consider these facts as you decide...

8.Hormone Balance - Are You Missing These Three Crucial Elements? To make your own hormones in your own body - whether they are thyroid, estrogen, testosterone, insulin, or what - you will need these three crucial elements because they are the bottom line building blocks from which all hormones are made.

7.Feeling Dizzy - What Might It Indicate?  Feeling dizzy is no fun. But whether you have sudden dizziness or dizzy spells, dizziness is a symptom and not a cause.  But what might it indicate?  Here are 16 possibilities you can use to trace down causes.

6.What is Real Hormone Balance?  Keeping female hormones balanced is a natural function of the female body. Why, then, do hormone levels fluctuate between low hormone levels or high, or anything but normal? Does the female body really require outside help to balance hormones? Here's a better way to acheive hormone balance that does not require hormone replacement with its dangers.

5.  Statin Drugs, Herbs and Your Health Choices   Statin drugs top the list of most prescribed drugs, yet they have many people running scared, and some have switched to red rice yeast. How do statins work and what other choices are there?  

4.Hidden Causes of Hormonal Imbalances Hormone problems affect every one at every age. And because hormones are the directors of organs and cells, hormones can cause hypothyroidism, blood sugar problems, estrogen dominance, unexplained weight gain and more. Always check for this primary hidden cause of hormone problems. 

3 Headaches?  Check for These Common Causes Headaches can be so distracting, and painful, and worrisome!  It's enough to give you a headache!  Get to the root of them by checking for these common causes...

2. Symptoms - The Best Place to Start Resolving Them What is a symptom and what do symptoms mean?  To effectively resolve any symptom of yours, learn how to answer these two questions accurately because that will make all the difference in truly resolving them.

1. Honesty - When Is It the WORST Policy?   When is being honest a good idea, and when can it not only get you in a heap of trouble, but be truly unsafe?  Here are three examples to get you started, plus some recommended resources.



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