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Your 2014 Top Health Care Concerns

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Volume VI # 93        Copyright 2015       All Rights Reserved 

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10.  MAXIMIZE YOUR HEALING RESPONSE -  Here's How    A cut, scratch, fracture, swollen ankle, surgery, childbirth - all these are life situations that require healing. Here are proven ways to reduce the time it takes and allow your body to do its healing work as rapidly as possible so you can get back to the life you desire.   


9.  GRIEVING - HELP FOR WHEN YOU NEED TO     Loss and grief are part of life. Our choice is to learn how to grieve so unfinished grieving process doesn't sabotage our lives. Here are some tips for life after loss when grieving is your top priority...   


8.   LIVER CLEANSING: TEN SIGNS YOU NEED IT Toxic build-up in your liver can cause a host of problems that aren't that hard to address once you know your liver just needs a little help...   


7. REPRODUCTIVE PROBLEMS & GMO'S If you're eating food with genetically modified organisms (GMO's) in it, here's some evidence about reproductive tissue health, pregnancy, spontaneous abortions. Are they linked to GMO's?   


6.  LEAKY GUT DAMAGE - THE #1 WAY TO STOP IT    You can't see a leaky gut but it can play untold havoc with your health anyway. Here's what it is,  and here's the # 1 strategy for addressing it...   


5. HORRIBLE HORMONE MIMICKERS & How to Avoid Them Your food, water and air are loaded with hormone-mimicking compounds called xenoestrogens.Use these 8 tips to reduce and eliminate your exposure...   


4. CHOLESTEROL - Why It's NOT the Culprit  Cholesterol has been demonized as if it's the devil in molecular form.  But guess what - it's NOT.  Here's what is...   

3. YOUR BONE HEALTH  - Don't Forget This Often Neglected First Step    You won't build bone unless you  first  make certain this  is solidly in place...   


2.  HOW TO RECOGNIZE A CHRONICALLY HURTFUL PERSON    Learn to recognize them, whether before - (or even after!!) you get hurt.   


1. WHY YOUR BONES NEED  CHOLESTEROL TO BE HEALTHY   If you attempt to lower your blood cholesterol -  whether through diet or drugs - consider what that could do to your bones...   


Pamela Levin is an R.N. and a Teaching & Supervising Transactional Analyst in private practice 42 years. She has 500+ post-graduate hours in clinical nutrition, herbology and applied kinesiology. She is the mother of two and grandmother of two.                                Pamela Levin, R.N., T.S.T.A   


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Tags: womens health health articles womans health health problems health related news articles health related issues health related articles fitness articles what is health and wellness health news article recent health issues health and wellness health tips top ten health current health articles


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